Female-Powered Fridays:

Hello lovely ladies!


International Day of the Girl, declared by the United Nations in 2012, is celebrated on October 11th as a way to highlight the powerful force of young women. Sadly, we don’t get school off for this holiday, and there are no decorations for it at the party store. We don’t even have a justified reason for giving pie to a neighbor! (Not that one is needed). 

So how can we celebrate International Day of the Girl? Let me take a step back here.  

On October 8th, I had the pleasure of running my high school chapter's meeting of LiveGirl, our first meeting of the year. When all of us sat down together to discuss what we thought success looked like as a chapter and as a part of this organization, we came to one conclusion: community.

Most of the girls who attended the meeting that day were freshmen, new to the school and surrounded by unfamiliar faces. We agreed that as members of LiveGirl, it was our duty to wave and smile at each other in the hallways and to make our club meetings a safe space for everyone to be valued and heard. 

I realized that while it is important for girls to fight to be heard and refuse to be pushed aside, maybe there is another aspect to empowering the next generation of female leaders. Maybe we should also encourage young women to lift each other up, because having a community where you feel a sense of belonging is essential if we’re going to make a difference in this world.

So instead of sipping cocoa around the fire and singing carols to celebrate International Day of the Girl, we can prioritize girls helping other girls. We can view this Friday as an opportunity for young women all over the world to look for opportunities to help their peers succeed.

This is how I will celebrate International Day of the Girl, 365 days a year. 

Warm wishes to everyone,