I’m not surprised, just disappointed

By Kate Reeves, LiveGirl High School Youth Advisory Board, Senior

I am not surprised that Kavanaugh made it onto the supreme court.

He was nominated by a president who speaks of women like a sport,

He backed the ideals of a party that had the most support.

I am not surprised the the senate approved him, after briefly reviewing the case.

After all, only 23% of them are women in the first place.

and 51% of them think it will help them win their next race.

I am not surprised that this occurred in the United States in 2018.

We live on streets, where women must walk home at night in teams,

We live in a society where “boys being boys” is mainstream.

But that doesn’t mean I understand

In fact, I still still can’t comprehend

How the highest court in the land

Could be composed of someone who proved themselves emotionally unstable.

How despite Dr. Ford’s clear, convincing stand,

The senate believes Kavanaugh will be morally capable.

I want to know why they would let an alleged sexual predator

Determine what I can do with my body?

Why they would let someone whose innocence is doubted

Determine the innocence of those in our country?

In school they tell us we learn history to learn from our mistakes,

But it seems Anita Hill didn’t shake

the senate floor the way I thought she did.

It seems the Brock Turner verdict didn’t rake

At the morals of each judge the way I thought it did.

It seems the “Me Too” movement didn’t wake

Up this country the way I thought it did.

Because right now

survivors are quaking from the trauma in their minds.

Aching from the pain of wondering how our country can be so blind

To their breaking;

Why politicians are forsaking their duty,

resigning their obligation to define this nation

As one of justice.

Justice –

a word that has been scribbled out

With the dark marks of party lines.

An abstract concept that has been tossed aside

In favor of the black and whiteness of pre-aligned.

A word that requires taking on challenges

rather than pretending everything is fine.

Our government was not built to be run by people with assigned beliefs.

Our constitution was made malleable so people could rise up from underneath.

Our country was made to evolve, and I want to see it embrace that.

I want to elect officials willing to chase a future where we do that.

I want to see politicians face the fact that change is common sense.

And I solemnly affirm, so help me God,

That I’m part of an America ready to replace those who committed the crime

of indifference.