(for rising high school 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th graders)

Serve as either a Camp Counselor or CIT (counselor in training) during Camp LiveGirl. 120+ campers will be divided into diverse teams for the purposes of bonding, sports rotations, and leadership activities. Camp Counselors and CITs will be assigned a team and will stay with their team during all activities. CITs will also be asked to lead welcome and closing games as well as facilitating the lunch period. Those applying should be interested in staying involved during the school year and serving as a high school mentor for the LiveGirl Leadership Summits.

Please go to the “Registration Forms” to apply.


Mandatory leadership training:  Sunday, July 21st, 11-5 pm (New Canaan High School)

Camp:  July 22-26 @ 8 am – 4:30 pm


  • A diverse, rewarding leadership experience

  • Guidance and responsibility while with working with young girls in a fun, supportive environment

  • Leadership training

  • Experience for future work and volunteer experience

  • Letter of reference (upon request) for applications for jobs, or volunteer positions

  • A chance to engage with other girls your age in a collaborative environment

Being a mentor and camp counselor for LiveGirl has helped me become a better and more confident version of myself. Leading a diverse group is challenging and has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. First, finding a way to connect with girls from all different backgrounds is a great learning experience, but then to be able to help foster relationships between each of the girls is where lives are really changed. To witness the girls’ growth during camp is powerful. These middle school girls are gaining self confidence and the power to believe in themselves and support one another. To know this progression is greatly because of the guidance and support you show for them is extremely rewarding.

— Katie Kurz, HS Leader