How I have overcome stress by finding the root of the issue: PERFECTIONISM

By: Hoshahnia Kumaran, LiveGirl High School Intern

As a female in modern-day society,  I have struggled with every issue that the world has thrown onto this generation. The explosion of social media's presence in day-to-day life. Increased internal, as well as external, political tensions. The fuming hate that exists between different minority groups. Environmental distraught...the list never ceases to end.

The rise to freedom appears minute, which can detrimentally deteriorate a young woman’s sense of identity. Growing up in this fast-paced, judgemental society has led to the manifestation of stress in my system; but I never knew exactly why. I never knew that my strive to being accepted was on the basis of a facade: perfectionism.

From the time I was thirteen years old, I desired to only present the best version of myself all the time. Comparing myself to everyone in my life, both on the Instagram and irl. Concealing my anger and sadness to prove a point to the world- that I was strong. Participating in activities that did not spark joy in myself but rather levied opportunities to deem popularity. I believed these steps were necessary to encounter acceptance and abandon the stresses of the teenage world.

However, perfectionism a lot to ask of a rising feminist in the blooming flesh. It is okay to not be perfect every single day. As a person, as a respectable human being, it is okay to have feelings and express them. I was afraid of the magnitude of my own voice, so I forced myself into silence. Conflict would not occur for I would not allow it. The internal stress I had seemed to swell and bruise, and that was when I realized that I needed help. But only after four years of figuring out that I needed to internalize my issues and determine how to help myself did I start on an individual journey to unearth my true identity, the one that was in hiding for nearly half a decade.

Conflict can be healthy. Anger can be healthy. Your voice is what you need to foster that. As a woman, society has no place in telling you that you are not worth it. That your voice resonates less impact than a man’s voice. That has never been true. As time has surpassed, I found interest in women's rights, politics and activism. I knew I had to act upon my first amendment rights and express my feelings.

My passions allowed me to overcome my internal struggles with stress and evoke impact on the world. I was never perfect, nor will I ever be, but as myself (the liberated identity that circulates my entire canvas of a body) I am enough.

You are enough.