Amy and Charlotte Combat Period Poverty in Connecticut

Our names are Amy Barratt and Charlotte Hallisey and we are two rising seniors currently working on passing legislation to provide free menstrual hygiene products in all middle and high school girls’ bathrooms in Connecticut to combat the issue of gender inequality and period poverty. 

Period poverty is defined as the inability of young girls and women to afford adequate menstrual hygiene products, institutionalizing generational, gender-based discrimination and reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes. In the United States 1 in 5 girls have left school early or missed school entirely due to lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. Providing these products to address a normal biological function is no different than providing soap and toilet paper in school bathrooms. Providing menstrual products at no cost to students in school bathrooms recognizes the fundamental right of all individuals to be treated equally and with dignity. 

With the help of Senator Alex Bergstein and Senator Mary Abrams, this bill will be proposed in the upcoming legislative session. But in order to get it passed, we need your help! We are building a student coalition of girls and boys across Connecticut showing our state representatives that this is not only an issue in our town but an issue everywhere in the world that institutionalizes generational discrimination and negatively impacts girls ability to succeed academically. The coalition would involve being in a video discussing this issue and gender inequality as a whole as well as signing our petition! While it will not be that much of a time commitment your voice is one of the most important parts of the passage of this legislation. This is a very exciting and historic opportunity for young girls to and it also gives them the opportunity to represent their town’s support in the passage of legislation. We hope that you will want to join the coalition and be a part of this movement of positive change in our world!