Captain Marvel Empowers

by Olivia West, LiveGirl High School Mentor

With Captain Marvel now in theaters, and on track to make over $150 million in the box office, it is important to remember why this movie is so important. From the Stan Lee tribute in the opening title scene to the very last post-credit clip, Captain Marvel captivated the entire audience. As Carol Danvers discovered who she was- with true women-supporting-women lines from her best friend Maria Rambeau- and unleashed her full power, I was able to recognize what a huge step this was for the movie industry.

As the MCU’s first movie with a female lead, Captain Marvel gloriously portrayed the strength and persistence that all women have, no matter how underappreciated it goes. In the past, boys have grown up seeing themselves reflected in the big screen. For them, it was just the norm to see people of their own gender smashing through bad guys, saving the world, and getting the girl. With each new superhero movie, no one expected anything less.

Now, however, there are young girls around the globe being shown a strong, funny, and unstoppable female force that doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone and isn’t sexualized in any way.

Now, however, women of all ages see someone of their own gender fighting back and embracing her true self, using her emotions to her advantage.

Now, however, women can be inspired by someone who has had experiences like theirs, and still perseveres.

Now, however, both boys and girls alike can see that yes, of course women can be superheroes, yes, of course they can save the universe.

While we still have a long way to go- it’s only one movie, after all- I know that sitting in that movie theater, seeing boys and girls, men and women, all enthusiastically cheering on a larger-than-life Brie Larson, well, that was pretty darn empowering.