Women Rule the Olympics

Women Rule the Olympics by Meera Sirivansen, LiveGirl High School Mentor

Just six years ago, in the 2012 London Olympics, did women compete in every sport from each country. In 2018, the Pyeongchang Olympics continue to showcase incredible feats of athleticism from dedicated women all over the globe. The United States sent 294 female athletes to show off their skill, represent the country and embody the spirit of what it means to be a role-model for girls everywhere.

Mikaela Shiffrin, at just 22, recently won a gold medal in Alpine Skiing and has shown up across the news for her support of girls’ empowerment. In fact, on the back of her helmet, she has the letters “ABFTTB” which stands for “Always Be Faster Than The Boys.” Not only is she a legend in the skiing community for both men and women but, she’s a total boss off the slopes! She is currently the World Cup champion and one of the best skiers in the world.

Chloe Kim is one of the youngest Olympians at Pyeongchang and, yet, was able to win an incredible two gold medals. Chloe is able to de-stress amidst the chaos by listening to music before her performances - an ode to her tough mental strength. She always has a smile on her face even during her competition and exudes positivity wherever she is. Despite the fact that adults have been telling her she can’t be a world class olympian all her life, Chloe has proven to them that, with hard work, anything is possible. Girls all over America are inspired by her perseverance and success at such a young age.

Several female Olympic athletes competed in this winters’ events and emerged victorious not just for themselves but, for our country as well. It is hard to imagine putting the dedication and passion that these Olympians have into something within your own life but, its important to remember that those Olympians were once a girl like you. They had moments in their lives when they believed they didn’t have it in them to succeed yet, they overcame those obstacles by believing in themselves. We, too, can be like these women no matter what field we pursue. It might be sports, acting, politics or any other career but, if one thing is for sure, our self confidence determines our success.

Being an Olympian is much more than a medal - it’s a representation of the hard work, dedication, commitment, strength and athleticism that has gone into becoming the best of the best. Women in every sport don’t just show us girls incredible feats in sports, they show us what it means to put your heart into something when others might tell you it isn’t meant to be. I am personally inspired by girls like Chloe Kim who are able to achieve so much when they are young. In a lot of ways, these female Olympians motivate us to try our hardest and put our best foot forward no matter what obstacles we may face.

Never forget that you are your biggest supporter - no one can push yourself more than your mind. If you want something, you can do it when you set yourself up with the right mentality and confidence to succeed. Let us take these incredible Olympic athletes as role models in our own lives to help all of us maintain hope in our goals.