5 Resolutions to help you get ready and blaze your path for 2018

by Meera Srinivansan, LiveGirl Mentor

The beginning of every year is the perfect time to reflect on your past year and set goals for the future. In the past, I’ve used my winter break as a way to take some much needed time away from the stressful burdens of school  in order to evaluate how I’ve been doing not just academically but, socially and mentally as well. Setting goals can be a great way to ensure you stay focused throughout the year on what you want to get done. Ask yourself this: what do I want to accomplish this year? how can I make my life better? Whether you’ve had the best or worst year, goals are vital to making sure you are living your best life. Below, I’ve written some resolution ideas that I hope will inspire you to write your own.


1. Start a new project or learn a new skill. The new year is prime-time to begin a new project. Especially with all of the issues popping up in the world, starting a club to combat world hunger or simply helping your own community is a way to improve yourself while also helping others. Have you ever wanted to brush up on a language or learn something new? Creating a resolution to teach yourself a skill is a great way to work on yourself and expand your mind.

2. Meditate. It’s been proven that meditating and practicing mindfulness can reduce stress and keep your mind fresh everyday. In a world of endless social media, taking time to yourself away from a cellphone is an absolute must. Not to mention, several celebrities have adopted meditation into their own lives. If Oprah meditates, you can meditate! Whether you practice mindfulness for two minutes or ten, it can be an effective stress-reliever in your life. Check out the app Headspace to get an easy way to start meditating!

3. Be more productive and improve your grades. Procrastination is often the center of our lives as students however, with a little motivation, you can eliminate procrastination. Find a few friends who share your goal and make a plan to go to the library every weekend. With a little fun involved, studying can be fun! Always remember that improvement is better than a specific grade. Whether you improve by 1 point or 20 - improvement shows that your hard work is paying off.

4. Stay positive and spread kindness. Make an effort this year to stay positive no matter what you may be going through. The most important person you can be kind to is yourself! Give yourself some time to relax every now and then and reflect. You could put positive quotes in your room, journal or simply do something fun every weekend. Whatever it may be, keeping a positive lifestyle can make the year 10x more worth it.

5. Get some exercise & drink more water.  Remembering to keep yourself healthy is often overlooked during the school year as many of us are busy with schoolwork. However, taking care of yourself is one of the most important tenets of living a positive life. Studies have shown that exercising wards off stress and even has long term benefits such as preventing cancer. To try and drink more water, buy a pretty water bottle that can fit in your backpack and keep it with you all day.

And of course, going to more LiveGirl events should be at the top of your list! :) But in all seriousness, finding positive role models such as Anne Espiritu or Hadley Pollet (to name just a few) can impact your life in more ways than you could imagine. A great resolution might be to find someone who you can look up to.