by Katie Diehl, Founder & CEO The Daily Diehl

Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.

This Thanksgiving holiday, most of us will be giving thanks. But what are the most important things in your life? What are you most grateful for?  

As for my reflection, below is an outline of what I believe is the most important things in life and what I am most grateful for.


Your health is the most important thing in your life, period.  I am constantly blown away by how many people put their health as a last priority. Poor health prevents you from being the best you can be in all areas of your life; career, family, relationships, friendships, etc.  Understand that the foundation of your health starts with your nutrition.  Always be mindful of what you are putting in your body and ask yourself, what are the nutrient benefits I am getting out of what I am eating.  Remember to always take care of your health (specifically with nutrition) and your body will take care of you.


Life is built on one simple emotion, love.  Therefore, spend quality time with people that you love. I think we all understand that “life” happens and we can get carried away with everything going on around us (I won’t deny, I am guilty of this).  However, it is important to take some time and spend it with the people you love. And if you are unable to spend the time, make the phone call, send a text message or write an email. To have solid healthy relationships we all need to spend considerable time with the people we love and be present during that time. Also, be open to everyone around you and building new relationships.  You never know who you will meet and the impact that person will have on your life.


I think this is so important.  Be happy with who YOU are.  Do not waste precious time comparing yourself to other people. Also, do not make choices based on other people’s expectations or opinions of you.  Always remember that this is YOUR life. No one else is living your life for you, but you.  Having a positive view on yourself will only make you a better person to not only yourself, but everyone around you. 

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Happy Life. 


Your health, family, relationships, and having a positive mind-set is important but finding your purpose, values and living your dreams is just as important. For those of you who do not know, I spent 11 years working in the fashion industry.  As much as I loved the unlimited amount of glamorous shoes, I soon learned that the material things in life had no meaning and personally, served me no purpose.  I can sincerely tell you that leaving my comfortable job in corporate America was one of the best decisions I ever made. There is a quote that says, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” There is a lot of truth behind this quote. Through my experience and knowledge of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle, I educate and mentor people into prioritizing that #1 importance, their health. I am fortunate to live my purpose and my dream. I am grateful for that (and you all), every day!

As we enter one of the best holidays of the year, Thanksgiving, take a minute to reflect on what is most important to you and what you are grateful for.  I am grateful for my health, for all the amazing people I surround myself with, my family, and making a career out of doing what I love the most! 

Wishing you all a healthy and safe Holiday season!



Katie Diehl, MSACN, is a known nutritionist and health expert that believes that optimal performance and health is driven through the foods you eat.  Katie received her Bachelor's Degree from Marist College and graduated with honors in a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the New York Chiropractic College.  She is the owner and founder of Diehl Nutrition and notable food blogger of ‘TheDailyDiehl’.  Katie understands and values the importance of proper health and is passionate about educating clients on the ‘WHY’ to nutrition.  Katie believes that if you understand nutrition then you'll better know how to apply it for the long term.

Katie offers nutrition and wellness counseling to individuals in person or online and on-site with corporations.  She also hosts many public speaking seminars in the local area. Katie focuses on sports nutrition, healthy weight loss, weight management, wellness, meal planning and supplies you with the ingredients you need in order to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Learn more at