Acts of Kindness

By Meera Srivansan, LiveGirl Mentor

It sometimes seems that sadness and devastation are occurring everyday around the world. Whether it’s a hurricane that leaves millions without food or the war in Syria, there is always a piece of news that shows the desolate situations humanity is in. When I see these news stories, I often feel helpless that there isn’t anything I can do. After all, I don’t live anywhere close to where the hurricanes are hitting so, how could I possibly be of any help?

The idea that your help can benefit a world situation can be daunting albeit you may not even believe that helping those in need is possible. I felt this way for a long time until I reminded myself that I am lucky enough to have the resources and time to help others. I found someone who felt the same passion I did and decided to create a club where we bring people together to discuss world issues. For me, this is the way I felt I could help from my small town in CT.

The first step in helping others (even if they are across the world) is a positive mindset. No matter what situation you may be in, it’s the most important thing to be positive. Remind yourself that you can. When you wake up every morning, tell yourself that today will be a good day. This routine might sound cliche but it’ll help you feel in control of what you can and cannot do.

Find others who have the same passion as you for an important cause. This could be donating to Puerto Rico victims or helping at a local homeless shelter. If you spread your compassion for others, you are already changing the world around you.

It can be hard to decide how to help. Here are some things I’ve done or seen others do that make a positive impact on our world:

1. Share your voice and post on your social media. If you are passionate about a situation going on somewhere in the world, write about it. Voice your opinions. You never know, someone may end up reaching out to you about feeling the same way!

2. Start a school club or run a fundraiser.  This is such an easy way to not only impact the world but, also your school! Get a group going and brainstorm ideas on how you want to raise money for or impact your cause. It can be as simple as a good old-fashioned lemonade stand!

3. Spread kindness and sympathy when you can. It might surprise you to find that your words could completely brighten someone else’s day. The entire world can use more kindness especially in light of all the negative media.

“There is not a single conversation that kindness cannot make infinitely better”

Having the mindset to want to enact change is a powerful tool. Even if you may not be able to immediately change something in the world you know is wrong, use your passion for change as motivation. Motivate yourself everyday to do your best so that one day you might just be the person to change someone’s life.

About the Author

Meera Srivansan is a junior at New Canaan High School. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, running a school club and hanging out with friends. She loves to travel and is hoping to get a chance to travel the world in the near future.