Poems by Lytasha Marie Blackwell

Girl Magic

Girl Magic
Can you feel it too?
It exist in a place
Deep inside of me and you
Hidden within us
Are treasures great enough to fill the world
Loving our dreams, facing unconquerable realities
That is the magic of being a girl
She can defeat those who place obstacles in her way
Stand firmly in places they said she would be unable to stay
She is a conqueror, a fighter
Yet she always comes in peace
She is an example of what the next generation can be
She is a mover and a shaker
A builder of legacies  
She is a girl who contains magic
A girl that is heard, respected and seen
Can you feel her magic?
I can feel it too
Never forget that the magic exist deep within you
So when you’re feeling down
And think you can’t stand tall
Remember that someone believes in you
And knows that you won’t fall
Never give up, keep your hope alive
When you feel as if you’ve had it
Stop, think, relax
And remember you’ve got that Girl Magic

Legendary Women

She walks with authority
Unable to allow the pressures of life to weigh her down
She is focused, maintaining her grace
Never allowing anyone to take her crown
She speaks with an eloquence
Unmatched by her competitors
She leaves a trace of her passion
To defeat her predators
She is not boastful
Nor does her heart harbor hate
She stands in her glory
Allowing herself to be great
She learns
She listens
She educates
She validates
No time for the naysayers
She speaks life
She gives life
She lives life
Manifesting her destiny
Pearls of wisdom are her gift
Spirits she is able to lift
She fights like an angel
Showing us that we were meant to fly
And as long as we keep ourselves from being held captive
Our dreams will never die
She is a legacy
Because one day
They will choose to walk in her footsteps
Choose to follow in her path
Choose to spread peace
Choose to spread hope
Choose to be the women our ancestors fought for us to be
Women, who are simply legendary