With school just around the corner, we begin to bubble with anxiety and maybe even some excitement. You get your new schedule and check Instagram to see which friends will be in your classes. You run to the store to get new pencils and notebooks. But it’s so important to also think about the attitude that you're going to bring into the new school year. 

Whether you're bumping up to an advanced class or picking up a new instrument, we all need to have faith in ourselves and our own potential. Each and everyone of us has limitless potential if we full-heartedly believe in it. Do not let anyone tell you that it's “too late to pick up a new activity” or that something is “not worth trying”. Be open to new activities. Be curious of all the programs that your school offers. At Camp LiveGirl, many of you tried new sports and musical theatre for the first time! Now is the time to pursue your new interests at your school.

A new school year is the perfect opportunity to show off your radiant self-confidence. Let your smile and your passions be contagious. By pursuing your interests and taking chances you can actually inspire your peers too!

One thing that I always worried about when I was starting a new school year was whether or not I would have friends in my classes. It is great to see old friends and rekindle those relationships, but don't turn a blind eye to the possibility of making new friends too! New classes and new activities are great places to meet people that you haven't had the chance to previously meet. 

My best advice as you start a new school year? SMILE! Those first few weeks of school are so important when trying to make a good impression on teachers and your new classmates. Smile, be confident and friendly to others. You never know who you'll meet, and a new friend could become a lifelong friend! 

If you can remember those few bits of advice, I assure you that you'll be starting your year on the right foot. By pushing yourself to be open, brave and confident, you'll be able to develop and grow so much by the end of the year, which is ultimately the goal! Good luck and best wishes to you all as school comes back into session