"The Art of Being a Girl” by Lytasha Blackwell


There is something spectacular about being a girl

Something that sets them apart from every other creature in the world

Beautiful girls come in all shapes and sizes

Short hair, long hair and many other surprises

Girls can be nice and girls can be mean

They can fail and retry while living their dream

Girls can wear pink and girls can wear blue

Being a girl isn’t easy 

But girls work hard at what they do

Some say girls shouldn’t read or write

Girls always prove them wrong by getting the answers right

In some cultures girls should stay silent

I know many girls who love to start a riot

Girls can be fierce and girls can be gentle

Girls can be bullies and girls can make friends

Girls can bake cakes and play video games to no end

Girls can be diverse even when others want to put them in a box

Girls can be everything people said they could not

Girls can wear skirts and girls can wear jeans

Girls can struggle with appearance and low self esteem

Girls can help each other feel confident and grow

Girls can keep secrets or let everyone know

Girls can love purses or take long hikes

Girls can wear heels or sneakers

Drive cars and ride bikes

Girls can do anything they put their mind to

There is no limit to the things they can do

No girl has to be perfect

Every girl is worth it

Whether in diamonds, jewels or pearls

There is a magnificent art to being a Girl

Girls reach the stars when others think they cannot

They climb more than ladders to reach to the top

Girls inspire

Girls love

Girls live

Girls lead

Girls have the full potential to always succeed

Girls can be feminine and masculine too

Girls have superpowers, yes there is a superpower in you!

Girls can travel the world at their own expense

Girls can create and make choices if they do not give into fear

Girls can get help and if you need it help will always appear

Girls can be adventurous, mischievous and quirky

Girls can be humble and girls can be nerdy

Girls come in so many different styles

Mastering the art of being a girl definitely takes a while  

So take your time in all you do

Step by step you will master being you

You are yourself and there is no other like you

Create your masterpiece

Give it all you got

Those with girl power

Are girls who rock!



Lytasha Marie Blackwell M.A., 

Student Advocate

University Access Programs

Southern Connecticut State University

501 Crescent St.

New Haven, CT 06515 

(203) 392-6819