Name:  Katie Kurz

Grade: 11th (Fall 2015)

School: New Canaan High School (New Canaan, CT)

What I'm Passionate About: Working with children and helping others. 

One Interesting Thing to Know About Me: I love to travel and see new things. 

I am smart because I make decisions that I know in the long run will help me instead of hurt me. I also try to always think about how my actions my affect others and not just myself. 
I am strong because I am willing to stand up for myself or others in times of need. 
I am special because… I stay true to my commitments, my family, my friends and myself, and they are the most important things to me. 

Name: Camaren Dayton

Grade: 11 

School: New Canaan High School (New Canaan, CT) 

What I'm Passionate About: I am passionate about spending times with my friends and family.  I love to always be around other people and have a great time with the people that I love the most!  I am always up for hanging out with my friends and also making new friends because I know that it will be a blast!

One Interesting Thing to Know About Me: Something interesting about me is that I really enjoy sailing.  Although it is a little harder to do up north, I love sailing in the summer in Florida.  It is so much fun to be on the water with waves splashing alongside you! 

I am smart because... I study a lot for my classes and work really hard to do the best that I can in any possible area! 
I am strong because... I try to challenge myself to always do better than just what I am capable of.  An example of this is in sports; I always try to push myself to run faster and never give up until I have accomplished a goal. 
I am special because... I love to help out those around the world who are less fortunate.  I try to get involved in anything that I know will benefit someone else.  For example, I am an active member of the Pura Vida for Children club at my high school and we work to raise money to send packed food to starving children in Costa Rica.