In life, everyone faces certain challenges almost every day. Whether it’s a class at school, a problem with friends, or fighting with siblings, there are tiny roadblock in everyone's daily routine. No matter the person, everyone has some weak spots in their life, but it is important to know that it is okay. Sometimes life is hard and life may have you down, but if you try your hardest, you are good enough.

Although I find myself pretty confident, I know that I have certain flaws and troubles in life. Whether it’s trouble in my classes or a sport I may not be very good at, I know that because I try, I am enough. In school, I face trouble in my science and math classes. I’m not very good with numbers, but I try my hardest in school to retain and apply information. When I’m confused in class, I go to my teachers for extra help and spend more time practicing what I am troubled on. When I feel like I’m having trouble in a sport, I’ll stay a little longer after practice or ask my coach what I can do to succeed. Even though I try to get more practice in, I know I still may not be the greatest at what I do. However, I know I am enough and I’m proud of myself for putting the effort in.

This poses the question: Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we feel like we never meet our personal expectations? There is a lot of pressure in our world, especially on young women. It is very common to think that we are never good enough. I am here to tell you that you ARE enough. When we see our friends make mistakes or fail at something, we aren’t hard on them. We comfort them, make sure they are okay, make sure they feel better, and tell them “good job”. Why can’t we do that to ourselves? I think it’s time we all try being better to ourselves, and accepting our work as good enough. Next time you make a mistake, don’t get too frustrated. If you tried hard and put effort it, tell yourself good job; tell yourself it’s okay and that you will try again. Remind yourself that it is necessary to make mistakes so that we can learn from them and move on. It is so important for us to believe in ourselves, and giving ourselves positive feedback is what gives us the confidence to move forward in life. From now one, be more confident in your actions. Try your hardest and know that you are enough.