Imagine this scenario... you walk into a room for a new activity (brave, by the way) ... you look around and don't recognize anyone. Now what? 

Starting something new can always be scary. Change can be difficult because it adds a new bump in our daily routine. We often feel most at peace with what comforts us, but sometimes a difference in our schedule can be what is best for us. However, change is the perfect opportunity to take a swing at confidence and open-mindedness. With these two key characteristics, trying any new activity is possible.

I remember my first day of high school as if it were this year. I was terrified to start school in a huge building with tons of classrooms, surrounded by tall and intimidating seniors. I was nervous about making friends and finding my way to all my classes, but I was also excited to join new clubs and try out for different sports teams. I knew that I needed to be confident and open to change, and if I could do that, I could easily participate in new activities. 

When trying something new, going in confident and brave with the goal to make friends is very important. One of the many ways to feel more comfortable in a new environment is to talk to other people who feel the same way as you do. I can guarantee that someone else feels nervous and wants a friend, and you could be that person. If you can be that one person with the confidence to make everyone else feel welcomed, trying new things will be less of a challenge. Trying out for my high school field hockey team, I was terrified for the first day of preseason. I knew that it would be a lot of work and a lot of practicing with the older girls, so I was intimidated. Right before I left my mom’s car to get on the field, she told me that confidence would make me a better player and teammate. She told me she was confident in me, and I should feel the same about myself. With this pep talk, I felt instantly inspired and ready to take on the team. I was excited and more confident, which really showed in my playing. Because of my mom, I made the team and am still playing today. I still try my hardest to remain confident on the field, knowing it makes me a better player. 

I do believe ‘BE POSITIVE & POSITIVE THINGS WILL HAPPEN.” In addition to having a bit of confidence, it is crucial to enter a new activity with an open mind. A lot of times, it’s our nerves and predictions of what will happen that gets the best of us. We think certain things and then are disappointed by the outcome. When I was a sophomore, I joined my church’s youth group. I didn’t know much about the events the church held or what the meetings were like, but I knew it was something I had to join. I had a few friends that were active members of the group, and everything I heard from them was positive. Going into the first meeting, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what we would be doing or how long we would all be in this meeting, but I knew I was excited to try something new. After an hour of meeting everyone and participating in activities with other teens, I left the meeting feeling excited about what I was just involved in. Going in with no idea was a bit scary, but in the end it really showed that new things could surprise you in the most wonderful way.

Going on with the future, remember to think of these new things when trying a new activity. Confidence is key and open mindedness is necessary when entering a new atmosphere. Put on your best smile and go get it!