Here’s your opportunity to change the world!

What does the youth advisory board (YAB) do?
Our YAB is a truly amazing group of diverse high school girls from across Connecticut who are passionate about female empowerment and gender equality. Each month, we provide a specific mission that provides an opportunity for student-led social change.  Interested? Read on!

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How do the missions work?
You will receive a monthly mission at our YAB meeting (first Saturday of each month); we will email you the mission if you cannot attend the meeting. (9 missions Sept - May)

  • All of our missions involve taking action and speaking up for girls/women using social media (yours and/or ours).  Make sure to tag us so you get credit! @goLiveGirl

  • You will be expected to complete at least 7 missions. (If you do, you’ll receive a t-shirt and invitation for our annual YAB outing, NBC Sports tour.


What are the upcoming missions?

Oct - International Day of the Girl, Sexual Assault Awareness (Post facts)

Nov - Challenges Facing Young Women (Post facts)

Dec - Women In Leadership (Interview a female leader)

January - Girls Education (Host a fundraiser for the Global Alliance)

February - Public Policy (Research a legislative policy - e.g, pay equity, paid leave)

March - Eating Disorders (Post facts)

April - MissRepresentation (Dissect a women’s magazine)

May - NBC Sports Tour (Have fun!)

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