We are pleased to partner with schools and youth organizations to deliver our girl empowerment workshops.

Live Your True Self

Self love, Self respect, Self Worth. There’s a reason they all start with self. You can’t find them in anyone else. This workshop explores what impacts our self-esteem and why it’s important that we embrace our unique selves.

A Million Likes

"A million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself.”  This workshop explores how social media negatively affects our self-esteem and what we can do to cultivate a positive experience.

The Single Greatest Secret of Leadership: Fail Up

Why do so many girls strive for perfection? This workshop explains why girls shouldn’t be afraid to fail. We must embrace failure as a necessary stepping stone on the path to success. This workshop provides inspiration from some "famous failures” and unpacks the unrealistic pressures felt from friends, parents, and social media.

Find Your Voice

When the whole world is silent, even one voice is powerful.”- (Malala) What is your call to action? This powerful workshop shines a light on some accomplished female role models and coaches girls on how to amplify their voice and be heard. 

Confidence Creator

Give us an hour and we'll help you build confidence. Learn our confidence equation, Thoughts + Confidence = Action. Set a plan to take on some "hard to do" things in your life and create confidence!

The suggested donation for a workshop is $250.

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“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop for the girls at Brookside. Seeing their faces light up as you gave them the confidence and freedom to express themselves was priceless. Everyone of those young ladies walked out of that room feeling empowered, loved and connected in a way I have not seen before. Thank you for providing a safe, comfortable and fun environment for them to allow themselves to explore their self love and uniqueness.
I hope that they will continue to be inspired by amazing women like you, and then I know they will become one of those women in the future!”
— Stephanie DiFebo, Teacher Brookside Elementary School (Norwalk, Ct)
Thank you LiveGirl for all you do! It’s so important for teen girls to have caring mentors who “aren’t your parents.” I’m so glad Charlotte has you to help answer questions with what lies ahead.
— Laura M., LiveGirl Mother
Living in New Canaan and having girls, LiveGirl is a name you hear very often. Being Grade Level Advisors for the National Charity League (NCL) class of 2024, our focus this year is on social media, building confidence and empathy awareness. We knew our first ask to discuss social media which coincides with confidence, would be Sheri West, Founder of LiveGirl. Having known Sheri from the community, we knew right away she and her organization would be a perfect match for our girls.
Sheri along with Alison Walller (LiveGirl Program Director) arrived at our meeting and right away created a comfortable, warm, inviting atmosphere with the girls as they were having snacks. Once the meeting started, the conversation and talk was powerful, honest, engaging and filled with tools for the girls to understand social media, how it affects their lives and those around them. Sheri has a very special way about her and how she communicates with girls. She exudes happiness and a confidence that can be felt when she is engaging her audience. We saw her passion and dedication to empowering girls, educating them on social media and using it in a positive way.
Allison brought laughter and fun to the group from a younger perspective and shared her honest feelings about how she uses social media.
The girls and we as parents, left the meeting more informed of all that is going on with social media today and how it is impacts our girls and lives on a daily basis.
Thank you Sheri and Allison. You are both a breath of fresh air in an ever-changing world for our girls growing up today!
A quote from one of the girls, “Today was very inspiring!”
— Stacey Walker and Janet Lee National Charity League, Canaan Parish Chapter