6. You have a few teens of your own. What strategies have you used to raise a son who respects girls and women?

This is an important question because it will take all of us to achieve gender equality. I have three children (two sons + one daughter, age 11-18) and I practice an “open and honest” parenting style. I am open with them about my feminist views and challenge their thinking and urge them to use their voice. I engage my children on current events - and use them as teachable moments. I have engaged all three of my children in the founding and operation of LiveGirl. For example, my oldest son designed our website. My daughter is heavily involved and provides constant “focus group” feedback.

7. We recently chatted together about women's collective tendency to apologize when it isn't necessary. Tell us about a time you consciously worked to "take up more space" in this world. And how do you encourage your daughter to do the same?

My corporate career mandated that I get comfortable with “taking up more space”. My nature is loud and gregarious. I am constantly encouraging my daughter and the girls in our community to take up more space - both physically and verbally. I remind them that they weren’t put on this earth to make others feel comfortable. I love Halsey’s poem, “Inconvenient Woman”, from the recent Glamour WOTY Awards.

8. What woman/women is/are inspiring you right now? Why?

Well, I just mentioned Halsey. I am always inspired by Amy Poehler, Cleo Wade, Mindy Kaling, Rupi Kaur, and Yara Shahidi. These women stand out to me as being unapologetically true to themselves. I love with Lingua Franca. And I am counting down the days (until December 19th) when I will see Michelle Obama on her “Becoming” book tour.

9. Tell us: what five words describe your goals and dreams for 2019?

Courageous conversations

Eager exploration

Passion & partnerships

Love, family & freedom

10. If you could tell your 15 year-old self one thing, what would it be?

You can rock this world. Enjoy the journey. (And wear sunscreen!)