LiveGirlTalk is a 10-week facilitated discussion group that creates a BRAVE SPACE for girls. The small group meets weekly with a professional mentor to share concerns and interests. The curriculum-based program builds social emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

The overall goal of LiveGirlTalk is to build social emotional intelligence and self-esteem. In other words, the goal is to help girls truly love and believe in themselves and equip them with the leadership skills necessary to have a positive impact on the world.  This will be accomplished by providing a high dosage of positivity and inspiration over ten weeks, while facilitating the participants’ self-discovery of  their inner LiveGirl, so that upon completion of the program they are prepared to LIVE our leadership values.

“LiveGirlTalk gives me a safe space to open up and discuss issues that are causing me stress. I enjoy the creative activities and sharing with other girls like me.”
— Brynne (New Canaan)


October 1 - December 14, 2018 | 10 weeks

Open to grades 5-8 | free-of-charge | space is limited


Location*                         Day/Time                      Mentor


Wakeman Boys & Girls Club                 Mon 3:45-5:00                             Lytasha Blackwell

McGivney Community Center              Fri 4:00-5:15                                Lytasha Blackwell


Darien Depot- 6/7th grade                      Mon 4:15-5:30                             Sara Nelson


Greenwich YWCA- grades 6-8*               Mon 4:00-5:15                             Erika Brunwasser

New Canaan

Saxe MS - 5/6th grade                            Tues 2:55 -4:10                             Katie Campbell

Saxe MS - 7/8th grade                            Wed 2:10 -3:30                             Katie Campbell

New Canaan Library - grades  6-8          Thurs 4:45-6:00                            Megan Palladino


Carver Center - 5/6th grade                  Wed 4:15-5:30                               Annette Thompson

Roton MS- grades 6-8                          Wed 3:00-4:15                               Kelly Idarraga


Cloonan MS - 7th grade                       Mon 8:20-9:20                               Maribel Sandalo

Rippowam MS- grades 6-8                   Mon 2:15-3:30                                 Alison Waller

Stamford Peace Youth- 8/9th                Mon 7:00-8:00                                 Juana Yanes

Stamford Boys & Girls Club                Wed 4:15-5:30                                  Juana Yanes


Toquet- grades 5-8                                  Thurs 3:45-5:00                              Jennifer Devine


Trackside Teen Center- grades 6-8           Wed 4-5:15                                      Farrell Lindemann

*Membership requirements may apply.  For Greenwich YWCA, membership must be processed prior to LiveGirlTalk participation and can be obtained HERE.  LiveGirlTalk participants must maintain at least the 6 month "Youth Affiliate" membership. 

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing LiveGirlTalk to your school or youth organization.



“We are so grateful for the LiveGirl after-school programs at Saxe. Girls who participate have the opportunity to increase their self-awareness and social awareness. Through discussion and practice they develop their ability to communicate well, make sound decisions, and nurture positive relationships. Parents report an increase in self-esteem in their daughters at the completion of the program. LiveGirl complements our school-wide Social Emotional Learning initiatives beautifully.”
— Sarah Beltran, Saxe Middle School Counselor
LiveGirlTalk fosters self-confidence and teaches the leadership and conflict resolution skills necessary to navigate middle school. The girls have fun while talking through the different challenges they face in middle school. The LiveGirlTalk Mentors serve as essential positive role models for the girls.
— Jeff Pytlak, Stamford Boys & Girls Club Program Director