There are many ways for high school students to get involved in LiveGirl. Whether you're interested in attending our high school leadership summits/workshops to learn more about a particular topic and network with other high school women OR you're interested in a service leadership experience through our Youth Advisory Board or High School Mentors program, we promise to find a fulfilling role for you! Our high school leadership model is based upon activating your power and making positive change in the world.

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Get Involved with LiveGirl to activate your power and make positive change!

Learn more: Attend our “Women For Change” High School Forum (and Open House)

Featuring Dr. Vida Samuels, Professor of Women’s Studies at UConn-Stamford

Saturday, October 20th @ 1-3pm at UConn Stamford | pizza & networking



High School Mentor: Provide “just been there” mentoring to our middle school program participants. Sign-up based upon your availability for leadership summits, LiveGirlTalk, and other programs to share your perspective and lead team building activities.

Youth Advisory Board: Serve on our student-led social change effort that provides voice, advocacy, and leadership to the LiveGirl organization. Meets monthly (1st Saturdays @ 2pm)

High School Club: Start-up and serve as President for a LiveGirl Club at your high school! Facilitate monthly meetings and network with other clubs across the USA.

Voice Team: Lend your creative talents (graphic design, photography, blogging) and share your voice through LiveGirl social media platforms.

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