Did you know while women make up 51% of the U.S.population and earn almost 60% of college degrees, they hold only 26% of tech industry jobs, make up only 19% of Congress, 17% entertainment directors, producers and only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs. We still haven't seen a female President. In so many areas, females are underrepresented. LiveGirl Clubs provide important leadership opportunities for the next generation of female leaders. We believe the future is female.

If you agree, we encourage you to join our movement and start-up a LiveGirl Club with these easy steps:

Take the Online Pledge

The first thing you must do to start a club is complete our online pledge. The pledge ensures that you understand the responsibility of starting a club and adhering to the LiveGirl values. You will also provide us with information so that we may send you the password for our online starter kit.

Coordinate with your High School

We recommend that you complete the necessary steps to be considered an official club at your high school. This will ensure that you have a proper meeting space and access to community for your club. We recommend you find a faculty advisor and set a standard monthly meeting time/date/location.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

After your club is approved, you will receive recruitment materials, including flyers. Encourage all the girls you encounter to join! If you encounter some hesitation, remind the young woman it takes just one brave young woman to make positive change! Represent your club at your school’s club fair, host an open house, and spread the word!

Facilitate Monthly Meetings

As a club president, you will be responsible for facilitating meetings. This will be a rewarding leadership experience for you. We will provide you with suggested monthly discussion topics and other support as needed. You will also have the opportunity to network with other clubs at our monthly Youth Advisory Board meetings (1st Saturdays of month @ 2pm ET, Google Hang-Out available).

We believe in the power of girls. We believe that LiveGirl clubs will change the statistics and make a positive impact on gender equality.