September 2019

Every summer, Camp LiveGirl gives us fuel for the future. This July, our 5th annual Camp LiveGirl brought together 130 girls from across Connecticut, including girls from as far away as the Waterbury Boys & Girls Club and the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants. These diverse, confident leaders inspired ME. When I look at them - I see the future CEOs, politicians, scientists, Nobel Prize winners, teachers, artists, and so many more individuals who will change the world.

It’s so important that girls have access to fierce female role models who look like them to know what’s possible. With less than 3% of US history book text and 17% of Wikipedia biographies dedicated to women, we must do more to shine a light on the women who came before us and their accomplishments. During our STEAM Design Lab, we asked the girls to name a female inventor, and they could not. That is why, at camp, we featured talks by Dr. Cristal Glangchai (VentureLab CEO and “VentureGirls” best-selling author) who inspired the girls to “think like a scientist” and “dream, dare & do,” and Georgia Hunter (“We Were the Lucky Ones" best-selling author) who encouraged them to live brave and embrace their unique selves. The girls also completed a Brave Leaders course and participated in electives including a STEAM Lab by St. Luke’s Design Lab, musical theatre taught by the Summer Theatre of New Canaan, and sports.

To witness these girls come together and develop an everlasting sisterhood reminds me that we must first foster community and connections before we can make social change. We won’t stop until every girl has what she needs to succeed and thrive. Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting our mission.

With love, peace and gratitude,
Sheri West