Perfectly Imperfect by Amelie L'henaff October 2017

Dear Society,

Your days of tormenting my life are over. I tried to match your definition of perfect but I just couldn’t. I never was. I never will be. And sure, I tried but I wasn’t good enough according to you. No I haven’t kissed anyone before. No I haven’t had a million boyfriends because I haven’t even had 1. No I don’t have the tiniest waist. I don’t have an abundance of friends that point out every boy saying that I should date them. My handwriting isn’t the neatest. My hair isn’t long and silky. My teeth aren’t pearly white and straight. And yeah, I am the smart girl. Yeah I get good grades. And I have a loud voice and new ideas. Yeah of course I strive for nothing but the best. But to you that isn’t what a girl my age should be doing. I’m sorry I’m not perfect. I’m sorry I don’t have big breasts and a big butt. I’m sorry I can’t sing or dance well. I’m sorry I don’t wear makeup or take a half an hour to do my hair. I’m sorry I don’t wear clothes that show off my curves. I just don’t. I tried being your definition of perfect. I was a failed attempt at your mission of self doubt but you have thousands of other victims that need saving and your reign needs to end. I am done with being sorry. I am smart. I am strong. I am special. I have a perfect body. I am creative. I don’t need to wear makeup because I am beautiful as who I am. Inside and out. I am independent. I am good as gold and the status quo doesn’t decide who I am. I’m not good enough for you, but I don’t need nor want to match your definition of perfect. I am perfectly imperfect and that’s all that matters.

Forever from,
A 13 year old girl



(Quotes from LiveGirls at our January 2017 Leadership Summit)

“I will change the world by creating equal opportunities for everyone❤️.” - Ahhsha

“I will change the world by leading by example to help people get along!” 

“I will change the world by helping conserve wildlife and their habitats.” -Mia S.

“I will change the world by helping others and making their lives better.” -Anna Z.

“I will change the world by becoming a teacher and helping all kids/people get a better education.” ❤️ Camila C.

“I will change the world by being kind to everyone and never allowing others to define me.❤️”

“I will change the world by helping to make sure that people stop bullying.” -Jeneli

“I will change the world by being myself.” -Yeilin

“I will change the world by helping girls understand that they are smart, strong, and special and being my own hero.”

“I will change the world by creating a restaurant where every meal bought will pay for someone who can't afford it.”

“I will change the world by helping people understand that everyone is equal, no matter their race, gender, religion, or sexuality.”

“I will change the world by stopping animal abuse.” -Lacie :)

“I will change the world by spreading kindness and donating to organizations.”

“I will change the world by helping everyone accomplish their goals and be who they want to be.”

“I will change the world by helping kids that are in countries in war.”

“I will change the world by helping people less fortunate than I.”

“I will change the world by making everyone a leader, not a follower!” -Autumn ❤️

LiveGirl 2016 Poetry Slam Winners

Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you hear me?Maybe if I raise my hand.

Do you hear me?

Maybe if I change my looks.

Do you hear me?

Do you see me?

Maybe if I raise my voice.

Do you hear me?

Are you even listening?

(all together) Can you hear me now?


My Life as a Middle Schooler

Hour by hour

As time goes by

Stress for this test

Piles quite high.


Facts disappear

As seconds tick by,

I write in hopes

That my guesses slide by.


I open my planner,

Eyes wide with fear,

Pages and pages

Of the lessons I’ve learned

Trying to finish

For the good grades that I’ll earn.


The girls start to whisper,

The guys start to laugh,

I feel lost in this scene

Where I’m just not that.


Excessive jewelry and flashy tops;

They all look the same,

Like dolls lined in shops.


Strictly similar and uniform

They don’t even realize

That they conform.


Middle school is hard, but I’ll always know

That LiveGirl is here for me to

Go, go, go, go!



Walking down the hallway

In my new shoes

I couldn’t wait to wear them-

They were exactly what I’d choose.


But all of a sudden,

I saw Them march down,

Right down the hallway-

They made me frown.


What are you wearing?

They say with a smirk.

I didn’t reply-

They were being such jerks!


Their eyes turned to slits,

They laughed and they stared-

But what they didn’t know

Was how much I cared.


My eyes welled with tears,

And I almost talked,

But I held my head high-

I shook it off.


I walked down the hall,

Filled with pride once again-

‘Cause I am smart and strong and special-

I will always be my own friend.


LiveGirl Videos 2016