The final day of Camp LiveGirl kicked off with inspiring keynote speaker Hadley Pollet, CEO and Founder of Hadley Pollet Designs. Creating her own company in 2002, Ms. Pollet’s goal was to cater to women and young girls with a “positive and uplifted spirit – or whose spirit needs uplifting”.

Ms. Pollet was first inspired to start making her own designs while attending Rhode Island College of Design, when she wore a belt she made herself out of vintage ribbon at a party and received many compliments. While experimenting with her colorful floral designs back then, she first created her patented zinnia patterns from difficult times she endured later in life. As a victim of domestic abuse and having personal connections to the tragic events of 9/11, Ms. Pollet found catharsis in creating her bright and happy designs to inspire other women to feel good.

Ms. Pollet showed the LiveGirls that bravery doesn’t always have to mean being old and taking risks, sometimes it means being able to make light out of dark times and inspiring others to do the same. “Even from when I was a little girl, I was very willful,” she said. “I was able to push through the hard times with a little determination and through making my designs and building my company.”

After showing off her belt, headband, and purse designs, she then asked the LiveGirls to get into groups and come up with a slogan for her company, ultimately picking, “A happy kid is a Hadley mother”. The group members that came up with it got Hadley Pollet headbands!

Following Ms. Pollet, LiveGirls broke into two groups in the place of Leaders in Action. One stayed in the auditorium to hear Meaghan and Jamiah from BRAVE, Girls Leadership Inc. who walked the girls through an empowering workshop that allowed them to step outside their comfort zones, voicing what they love about themselves and what being brave looks like to them. Other LiveGirls joined a coding workshop, introducing them to basic coding skills that allowed them to make a basic computer game.

For the afternoon, the LiveGirls headed to their multi-sports and musical theatre workshops for the last time, the girls in sports working on their game in basketball, and soccer as well as yoga and strength training. The girls doing musical theatre performed their finished song and dance number from Singin’ in the Rain that they learned from the Summer Theatre of New Canaan!

Thank you for an incredible and empowering week, LiveGirls! You showed us just how brave and kind you can be, and it was wonderful to see each and every one of you open your hearts to each other and yourselves. We hope you take the lessons you learned and friends you made this week and keep them with you forever. Don’t forget to rock your smart, and deposit in your brave bank every day. You are all so smart, strong, and special!

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who made this week possible as well: Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Oxygen Fitness, and Nielsen!