On the second day of camp, the LiveGirls discussed what it means to be brave and resilient, and making their voice heard in order to achieve their dreams. They met keynote speaker Vincencia Adusei, President of VASE Construction Management, who embodies the courage to speak up and take charge in a male-dominated profession.

Ms. Adusei, who grew up in the city of Kumasi in Ghana, knew she wanted to be a part of the construction industry from a young age. Her parents owned and operated their own construction company in Kumasi, and she remembers the excitement and anticipation of going out to sites with her father when she was young. When she was in her early twenties, she made the decision to move to New York City to get a degree in business with the entrepreneurial mindset of starting her own construction consulting company in the US.

While working part-time at a construction firm in Stamford, she used her time off to start up her own company, which came to be known as VASE Construction Management. With VASE, she was able to help over 500 small companies with general contracting, managing their construction projects. Throughout the development of VASE, she had to work hard and be brave, because many times she was the only female in the room and had to prove herself to her co-workers. But, for her, being a woman was an asset, and not something that held her back. “Women have attention to detail, we are very considerate, and we are resilient,” she said in her presentation. “We’re not afraid to ask for help when we need it.”

After Ms. Adusei’s presentation, Ms. Domino followed up with the Leaders in Action workshop, playing the music video for Sara Bareilles’s “Brave” and discussing the girls what the message of the song meant to them. They then moved on to an activity with a parachute, where LiveGirls took turns saying situations in their lives where they had to be brave and running under the parachute. After that, the girls sat down in their mentoring groups with their high school leaders and discussed solutions to common tricky situations middle school girls face. “The activity with Ms. Domino was really helpful,” one LiveGirl said. “A lot of the situations she said were ones that I have been in at school. I learned how to get through those problems when I talked with other girls and my high school mentor.”

In the afternoon, the LiveGirls had fun with their free time playing sports like basketball and soccer, and participating in musical theater workshops. The Sacred Heart basketball team even came in to coach the girls!

Throughout the week, LiveGirls have brought in posters with a picture of a powerful woman they look up to, and facts about that role model. Every girl that creates a poster and brings it in gets a pair of sunglasses, and has the chance to win an Amazon gift card at the end of the week. Keep bringing in those posters, LiveGirls! And see you tomorrow for another full day of fun at camp!