Camp LiveGirl Day 5 Blog Post

A Jam-Packed and Inspiring Day to Wrap Up Camp LiveGirl 2016

The final day of Camp LiveGirl 2016 started off on such a motivational note thanks to this morning’s keynote speaker, Lori Tauber Marcus. Not only is Lori a mother, a cancer survivor, a philanthropist and a wife, but also she is currently the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Peloton Cycle. Lori has worked in the corporate world for 32 years in marketing, and she held her job at Pepsi for 24 years! Just hearing Lori’s journey and career path was so inspiring.

Not only was her story astonishing, but also her words of wisdom to our LiveGirls. Lori told the girls that being a mother of two daughters, it is so important for her to set a positive example for them. “Everything in my life is about being a strong role model for women,” Lori said. Lori brought such a warm energy to Camp LiveGirl, and she lives as a wonderful example of hard work, determination and service to others.

Lori shared a handful of important lessons with the girls that she encouraged them to start focusing on now and throughout the rest of your life. Here are her four essential tips for the girls:

“Bring your best self everyday to the work you do. How you show up and the attitude you have is important your entire life”

“Be a life-long learner. Read as much as you can and retain that information you learn in school, don’t just throw it away”

“Learn how to write and how to write well. I am amazed at how few adults can write coherently. There is nothing that says more about you than the way you communicate”

“Always wear sunscreen”

After Lori’s motivational presentation, the LiveGirls were brought back into the NCHS Gym for the Explore Fair. The Explore Fair brought together local professionals in a variety of industries, to educate the girls about potential career paths and job opportunities that are out in the world. There were four stations set up, each station with 4-6 professionals for the girls to talk to and answer their questions. The stations included business, STEM, mentoring and human services/creative arts.

Founder and director, Sheri West, created this Explore Fair to inspire the LiveGirls to explore their interests. “We want to expose the girls to as many career possibilities as possible because girls need to see to know what they really want to be,” she said. “We want this to be a launching point for the girls to pursue their interests.”

After the Explore Fair, the LiveGirls had their last lunch from Simply Delicious which was followed by a self defense class with Maurice Johnson, a fitness instructor and personal trainer from Oxygen Fitness. Maurice taught the girls to find the strength in themselves and know that they can be self-reliant when they need to be.

The day closed up with a talent show featuring dances, poems, songs, gymnastics and all the rest. We certainly have a group of energetic and talented girls here at LiveGirl and we cannot wait to see the amazing places they go. The girls celebrated with an ice cream party featuring DJ Jovan who brought out those last bits of energy that the girls kept in store.

See you next year Camp LiveGirl! It was a privilege being able to witness all the amazing things that happen here. Thank you Sheri for making this all possible!

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