Camp LiveGirl Day 4 Blog Post

An Inspiring Morning with Wendy Sloane and A Heartfelt Goodbye to Meg Domino

This morning LiveGirl met Wendy Sloane, a single mother from New Canaan and a radio host of her own show called “What’s Up With Wendy” which has been on the air for almost seven years. Wendy told the campers that her passion for communications and television has been a driving force in her career. Wendy has worked with and interviewed tons of celebrities, authors and athletes like John Stamos from “Full House” and Hope Solo who is a professional soccer goalie.

Wendy explained that she had to be extremely persistent and determined when she was first trying to get jobs after she graduated from college. Wendy graduated from Florida State University with a double major in Journalism and Communications, with a minor in Theatre. Wendy found that her voice and her ability to persuade people with words was a gift when it came to pursuing her passions. Wendy urged the girls to dream big and to never doubt themselves.

Wendy is currently in the process of launching a TV show, while also raising two children and running her radio show. What a rockstar! She truly can do it all. Wendy told the girls about her vision for her TV show, “I want it to be fun and happy, every show has a purpose and a cause attached to it,” she said.

As Wendy wrapped up her inspiring presentation, it was time for the LiveGirls to get into their final session of Leaders-in-Action, which is led by Meg Domino. The topic of her final session was decision making, specifically the temptation of drugs and alcohol. “It is so essential in seventh and eighth grade for our girls to make a personal decision about temptation,” Meg said. “It is so helpful for their parents to support and discuss that decision with them because it is then, when we are not even looking, when our girls get tempted by all kinds of different things. If those girls are not equipped with the skills to act on it correctly, then they can make a poor decision.”

Although these LiveGirls are young, Meg stresses the importance of educating kids before they are faced with the temptation, so that they can make well-informed decisions. “The biggest thing that a lot of kids don’t understand is the reason we have a drinking age is that the liver, which is responsible for detoxifying the body, is not fully grown yet,” Meg said. “The biggest gift that we can give our kids is supporting their drug-free choice into their twenties.”

Meg Domino also informed the girls about the negative effects of marijuana on young people who are experimenting with it. “Another thing that we are seeing a lot of challenges with is marijuana because we are seeing kids with lower rates of concentration, clarity and written acuity when they have had experimentation followed by use,” she said. “Right now, because marijuana is so strong, most experimentation is followed regular use. We need to stand strong as families, parents and as LiveGirl and really be certain that our kids have positive role models.”

Thanks to Meg Domino, our LiveGirls are well-equipped to handle any social situation! Sadly, today was Meg’s last session of the week with the girls, so, a handful of girls gave their words of thanks to her. Here are a handful of kind quotes from our amazing LiveGirls:

“We wanted to thank you and tell you that we appreciate your energy. You continued to inspire us all week”
“Meg is an awesome person to talk to and she will help you with your problems. She helped all of us to come together and communicate”
“We want to thank you for bringing so much positive energy and sharing your gift of brightness with us”
“We would like to thank you for giving us really good advice about our future”
“Thank you for teaching us to love ourselves and valuable lessons for our future”
“Thank you for helping us build self confidence and helping us come together as a team”

We love you Meg! Hope to see you soon!


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