A Million Likes


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Will a million likes be enough?

At LiveGirl, we have seen how vulnerable today’s teen girl is as she faces adolescent pressures amplified by social media. We often hear from our girls how they feel “excluded”, “crushed”, and “just plain miserable” by what they see on social media. In fact, today’s teen girl faces tremendous pressure. 7 out of 10 girls believe that they are not good enough. So much of their lives are online and negative/hateful/flaunting “highlight reel” posts make them feel inadequate.

While the teen years should be an unforgiving time to take risks, fall down, get back up, and move on, today’s teen is surrounded by an unforgiving 24/7 “all-about-the-likes” social media culture. We’d like to send a message to girls everywhere to “forget-about-the-likes”.  There are many positive aspects of social media, but there are currently too many teen girls broken-hearted over the feelings of inadequacy that social media generates. While most teens are on social media every day, only 36% say they enjoy it. What if we “forget-about-the-likes” and come together to focus on the positive, educational, and inspirational aspects of social media? What if all girls fill their social media feeds with loyal friends and positive role models and organizations, like Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Cleo Wade, Emma Watson, Rupi Kaur, and Yara Shahidi?

We hope that you enjoy and share our video, “A Million Likes”. We want every girl to truly understand that “a million likes will never be enough if you don’t like yourself.” Rather than spending hours filtering and photoshopping to make us look better (different?), let’s work on embracing our true selves. If you agree, please share our video and join our movement #ForgetAboutTheLikes.

Together, we can fight the isolating effects of social media and leverage our girl power to make social media a positive place for change.

Sheri West ~ Founder & Chief LiveGirl | Social Entrepreneur | Mother of 3

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