Leadership development and empowerment for middle school girls


Our mission is to empower girls through year-round leadership development and mentoring that builds self-confidence and fosters diversity. LiveGirl helps young women, especially those who need us most, realize their full potential.

We coach girls to embrace their original, quirky selves and to understand that self-confidence comes not from others liking you, but from you loving yourself. Our mentors show them that when they truly believe in themselves, they will become unstoppable and astounding things will happen!
— Sheri West, Founder & Chief LiveGirl
LiveGirl has created an extraordinary “movement”...one that will transform the lives of these girls lucky enough to be in the reflective glow. Their work is so critical to this specific population of girls...imagine if we can shift them in middle school…and unleash a new generation of confident, BOLD young women...which the world needs tremendously!
Heartfelt thanks and love,
— Patti Russo, Executive Director Women's Campaign School at Yale

LiveGirl provides a community network in Fairfield County focused on leadership development and empowerment for our middle school girls, which provides the following benefits:

-        Small group mentoring & access to positive role models

-        Leadership development designed to boost social & self-esteem

-        Positive social-emotional development & connectivity to their community through diverse          friendships and role models

Girls are encouraged to participate in our year-round programming throughout their middle school years and then remain involved as high school mentors and summer camp counselors!


What We Do

LiveGirl provides year-round programs that build social emotional intelligence and self-esteem. Programs bring together middle school girls from across Fairfield County for a variety of leadership experiences, including weekly mentoring groups, a monthly leadership series, and a summer camp. We employ a variety of leadership activities, athletics, and performing arts to facilitate team-building in a diverse, team-based environment. 


Who We Serve

LiveGirl provides free of charge programming to middle school girls. In 2017, over 700 girls were enrolled in our programs and 58 full scholarships were provided for our summer 2017 leadership camp.

LiveGirl partners with public schools, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fairfield County, and other youth organizations to draw participants and deliver its free of charge programming. In 2017, LiveGirl partnered with the following organizations:
Bridgeport: Cardinal Shehan Center, Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, Jerome Orcutt Boys & Girls Club
Greenwich: Greenwich Boys & Girls Club, Greenwich YWCA
New Canaan: New Canaan Public Schools
Norwalk: Carver Center, Norwalk Housing Authority, Norwalk Public Schools
Redding: Boys & Girls Club of Redding-Easton
Stamford: Stamford Peace, Stamford Boys & Girls Club, Stamford Public Schools
Westport: Town of Westport Youth Services, Toquet Teen Center
Wilton: Trackside Teen Center

LiveGirl facilitates and hosts "Women Who Inspire”, a consortium of accomplished women (think CEOs, Directors, authors, feminists) who collaborate to empower the girls of Fairfield County. In addition, LiveGirl participates in the Connecticut Collective for Women & Girls and The Governor's Prevention Partnership to collaborate on common goals and share resources.

Our female youth, especially those in the middle school years, need programs just like LiveGirl. LiveGirl emphasizes that they can, and will, reach their goals, if they strive to work hard at what they want. These young ladies, regardless of their background or socio-economic status, deserve the best that life has to offer and LiveGirl exposes them to ideas and people that show them that they are smart, strong and special people.
— Laura Magnotta, Wakeman Boys & Girls Club Program Director